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Why Bluereiki?

Shades of blue are considered to be color, devoid of passionate emotions. Rather, there is a calmness and a distant quality, enabling us to have a more rational perspective. While most of us know that one function of the Third Eye is to enhance our intuitive abilities, there are also bodily, physical functions. Our physical eyes see hundreds of images every second, and our intellectual mind is able to organize these images into an understandable structure. This chakra brings together our visual sight and brains so that we can operate on earth.

The Third Eye Chakra then connects this physical reality with the other-world reality. When we use Reiki, we also connect these two worlds – we channel the Universal Life Force Energy into a physical body. We draw our symbols and state our intentions (silently or outloud), and then we place our hands in certain positions. As time goes on, we may even receive impressions, or messages, for the receiver. These inspirational thoughts are received from the spirit world, to help people in the physical world.

Full article can be found on Reiki Ray's website

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